Property searching ? Here are two technologies to enhance your efforts !

Technology makes life more convenient ! The postal services that took 7 days to transmit a message from the sender to the addressee’s inbox was replaced by the more efficient SMS. The SMS itself has become secondary due to the emergence of whatsapp instant messaging.  Your life when searching property can also become more convenient due to the availability of websites designed to make a difference in this area. Convenience in property search is paramount considering that real estate involves a vast physical area. Technology comes in by bringing to you all possible opportunities in the comfort of your home, office, car or wherever your comfort is and the only visits you will expend resources on will be for short listed properties. Therefore, here are two technologies or websites prevalent in Zimbabwe you can use in order to make this happen.

1. The search engine

Speed a big advantage of search engines.
A search engine is a website like Google search that answers your questions in a timeous and more specific fashion by the click of a button. In fact as you type in your question also knowns as a query Google can predict the query and go through billions of relevant websites, images, videos etc in less than a tenth of a second! That’s a search engine for you. A property search engine like wise do the same but with respect to real estate. Once you type in the property you want and its specifics like price, location and size the search engine can give you results ranked according to relevance - instantly.

2. The classifieds

Online classifieds
This is a site dedicated to the advertising of various products or services and usually presented in the form of a list. Clearly it’s a natural progression of classifieds advertising in print format. In Zimbabwe the search functionality is poor on major sites therefore, one has to go through page after page in order to find the right property.  But the biggest advantage is that this is the first type of online advertising in Zimbabwe and still  commands great human traffic. With numbers comes many opportunities.

Major weakness – Property fraud.

Online tools dont have measures to prevent property fraud.
The major weakness of these online property searching tools in Zimbabwe is the fact that any one can advertise property on them thereby exposing buyers to property fraudsters. Online advertising is public yet there is no guarantee of safety. In Zimbabwe its illegal to sell property as a third party  without a licence. This principle has greatly helped to protect the investing public and these sites are yet to technologically reflect such an advantage.  


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  2. Interesting article!

    It's amazing how far technology has come in the last 20 years alone. People talk about the industrial revolution all the time, but it's like we've become complacent about how significant our digital revolution has been.

    And this definitely applies to the property market on a global basis.

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