Glaudina Housing Project was initiated in 1999 and was originally designed to provide fully serviced stands for owner designed and constructed housing units targeting the low to middle income wage groups i.e high density and medium density housing. Project was divided into Phases 1, 2, 3 totalling approximately 2000 stands. The objective in each phase was the installation of the essential infrastructure – sewer, water reticulation, roads and stormwater drainage.

Project was delayed due to lack of offsite infrastructure, a responsibility of City of Harare. Phase 1 is comprised of
• Residential stands 600 to 1 200 square metres – 394 no
• Residential stands 300 square metres – 73 no
• Commercial stands - 8 no
• Other institutional stands
For schools, churches etc.

Phase 1 commenced in 2006 and could not proceed later in 2007 due to economic challenges resulting in Contractor abandoning site. Situation was worse in 2008 leading to suspension of all NSSA projects. At time of project suspension most of the water and sewerage reticulation was complete except for connection to City of Harare systems whilst roads were at 30% with 70% to go.

After the multicurrency introduction, an application was made to State Procurement Board to resume road works. Approval was granted on 2 June 2011. This was only surfacing of three roads at a cost of $1 109 956.16 approved under PBR 0732. A further request to complete all the road works was made to SPB and granted March 1, 2012 at a cost of $2 467 873.57 bringing the total to $3 577 829.73 inclusive of the $1 109 956.16 Phase 1 project completion date is scheduled at 30 September 2012.

The status of outstanding sales as at 31 December 2011 as shown below:

DescriptionJanuary 2011December 2011
NumberValue (USD)NumberValue (USD)
1Unsold housesNilNilNilNil
2Unsold stands residential105802 887.5087851 840.00
3Unsold sites for flats3513 066.8031 015 36.00
4Unsold stands commercial882 500.00869 300.00
5Unsold stands church158 480.00187 720.00
6Unsold stands secondary school1424 134.0011 469 769.00
7Houses soldNilNilNilNil
8Unsold stand civic centre172 560.00172 560.00
Glaudina stand prices were revised upwards during 2010. The revised prices per square metre are as shown below:

• Flats Site $20/m2
• Commercial Site $21/m2
• Church stands $15/m2
• Secondary School $21/m2
• Residential stands $16/m2

NSSA Board has since approved phase 2 comprised of 1 600 high density stands. Work is scheduled
 to commence during 2012.


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