Thursday, 5 November 2015


Sewer manhole
Many   desperate home seekers are misled by unscrupulous land dealers into paying a lot of money for stands because they are advertised as fully serviced and yet in reality the only service available on the land is a pathway (not a road ) opened by a bulldozer. So the biggest question becomes  , What does it mean that a stand is serviced ? Well servicing stands means more than opening a pathway or digging up some tranches on site. There are at least three things which you must look at namely water, sewer and accessibility.

Manhole installed - minimum level of developmnt fo sewer line

Because of economic challenges in Zimbabwe most of us cannot afford certain prices of immovable property but those that are affordable their level of development MUST meet acceptable minimum standards. So when we talk about sewer the pipes and manholes must be at least installed and its trenches filled up. May be things like manhole lids, connections to the Municipality’s sewer system etc can be those that are outstanding. I am saying this because its technically difficult for the engineer to create a sewer line gradient using the automatic level and staff on a site with a lot of obstacles as residents erect their structures. Using the automatic level an engineer takes his reading from a tool called a staff that can be several metres away and if a house is already erected in his path his work is greatly compromised. 

Water line crosses over sewer line
Installing a water line is much easier than a sewer line but unscrupulous land dealers use this as a pretext for selling land without a water line. But its very advantageous to install a water line at the same time as when you install the sewer line. You see, designing a mathematically  accurate CAD water or sewer plan is one thing but  accurately transferring the drawn plan onto land is another.  Practical realities especially on vast housing developments like topography can cause some mix up where by the sewer line can be seen unacceptably going over the water line. If sewer and water are being done simultaneously this mishap can be corrected immediately but if the other installation was done some time back there is therefore, no option but to let it be . Of course this will be to the detriment of the health of future residents !

Compacted road.
Storm water drainage.
In terms of accessibility we are talking about roads not pathways ( nzira dzemusango in Shona ). A true road has a compacted gravel foundation and a top layer in the form of tar hence the name a tarred road. Its also important that besides the properly done roads the developer must develop storm water drainage. During the rain season a storm turns a poorly done road into a pot hole minefield but a pathway it turns into a water way. But if the aforementioned set up is done, even in the absence of tar the residence however, are given decent accessibility to their stands. 

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