Selling your house is a process about which DIY (do it yourself) doesn’t work. Many people tend to prefer the DIY way when doing various things in their lives. Probably, this is the reason why some manufacturers sell refrigerators with some parts like handles not installed but having some kind of inlets for the consumers to do it themselves. There can be many reasons why people prefer DIY. These ranges from the contentment that comes after one successfully achieves a personal task to the possibility of saving the hard earned money. Selling your house however, is something that you cannot achieve the DIY way because you compulsorily need help from other people who have trained to give special service to the complex process of selling immovable property. There are many reasons why this is so but here I will give three. 

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Value appreciation of immovable property is one of the biggest motivators for investing in real estate. It means harvesting good profits through capital gains or higher rental income to property owners and more commission to estate agents.   A depreciation in value means the opposite – a   lose of equity, profit or commission. Value appreciation being this important therefore, techniques that allow investors to positively influence the perception of value in the eyes of the market are welcome. Here are three worthy of consideration and these are perimeter walling, landscaping and a paint finish called eggshell.More...

Agreement of sale 

Many people do not know that an agreement of sale must meet certain requirements in order for it to be considered as an enforceable contract in a court of law. Without meeting these requirements the document you create may have some other significance but never that of an agreement of sale. Some of these important elements are offer, acceptance and consideration. So an agreement of sale is not a document about which you should think you can create using common sense. This is a document that is proof of a meeting of minds with respect to the sale of a very important asset therefore, its worth while to engage proper legal counsel in order to have a real contract.

Title deeds 

The importance of land to our lives is something that everyone knows well and cannot be over emphasised. Economist say it is one of the critical factors of production. Wars in Africa and elsewhere have been fought because of it.   So a person involved in the creation of title deeds should be thoroughly trained in land law and ALL relevant statutes. As a result according to the law there is no one not a licensed lawyer usually called a conveyancer who can create title deeds.   

Trust account services 

Imagine you change your property’s ownership in favour of a buyer but you do not get your money. There is therefore a need for a trusted third party to whom the money and original documents of ownership are deposited whilst the ownership of immovable property is transferred in favour of the buyer.  Professionals involved in the sale of property especially legal practitioners are required therefore, to have both a trust and a business account. A trust account’s purpose is one which is to hold in trust other people’s money  and a practitioner cannot use it for any other business. This is why there is need for the business account. In order to ensure that rules relating to a trust account are being observed a compulsory annual audit is done by the industry regulator. 


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