Perimeter wall = Security
Value appreciation of immovable property is one of the biggest motivators for investing in real estate. It means harvesting good profits through capital gains or higher rental income to property owners and more commission to estate agents.   A depreciation in value means the opposite – a   lose of equity, profit or commission. Value appreciation being this important therefore, techniques that allow investors to positively influence the perception of value in the eyes of the market are welcome. Here are three worthy of consideration and these are perimeter walling, landscaping and a paint finish called eggshell. 

1. Perimeter Walling

Perimeter wall on a commercial property a private school.
Walling helps a lot in adding value to immovable property because prospective buyers or tenants when they see it they don’t see only a mere physical structure but they also see SECURITY. As headlines of armed robberies in which people lose not only valuable assets but even human life in cold blood recur in the mainstream media the issue of security is of great importance to those who want property for whatever use ( residential, commercial or industrial ).

Some important walling info courtesy of Daycast Construction

Costs per square meter

Brick Type
Wall  Size
Face brick
1 as to 4 cement mortar  (one brick wall)

 $63 per square meter*


Surface Type
$11.71 per square meter*

*NB Costs may defer with difference in materials used e.g face brick or common. Contact Daycast Construction for rates specific to your need.

2. Landscaping - Paving

Pavement meandering through a landscaped garden.
Who doesn’t want a five star hotel garden to greet him, ‘ Good morning ! ’ every sunrise? Everyone want this because all human beings have a sense for aesthetics. Psychologists have discovered that a good garden helps to reduce stress. Landscaping is therefore, critical in property value addition because the green lawn and a mosaic of flowers are what people affectionately call SCENERY. This perception   helps to increase value in the eyes of the market.

It is however difficult to give standardized rates for  costs generally  because work executed  differs with topography. But I hope you will find the following info about paving ( a part of landscaping ) useful. Paving is created using pavement or drive way bricks and usually you see them as pathways meandering through gardens. Paving can also be used for pool areas, outdoor fire areas etc

Types of paving courtesy of Daycast Construction.

Design Description
1. Interlocking Pavers
High foot traffic areas in a residential, commercial or industrial environment.
Simple zigzag to complex shape.
2. Holland Pavers
High foot traffic areas in a residential, commercial or industrial environment.
Plain shape.

3. Paint   finish - Egg shell.

A paint finish is probably one of the best for the walls of your property. There are different types of paint finish but for this article I have chosen to talk about what is known as Egg shell finish. A good finish is very critical when it comes to value addition because it translate to COMFORT in the eyes of prospective buyers and tenants. Visual appearance impact most buyers more than the calculator.

Visual appearance impact most buyers more than the calculator.

Here is some info about the Egg shell paint finish courtesy of Daycast Construction.

Quantity per square meter
Areas of application
Major Advantage
Egg shell
20 L covers at least 108sq m
Dining, Sitting rooms where there is high human traffic, and bedrooms for little kids.
Easy to clean with a wet cloth.

 Article courtesy of Daycast Construction specialists in House Drawings, Building Construction, Renovations, Office Remodelling, Kitchens and B.I.Cs, Plumbing, Painting, Driveways, Steel Fabrication, Tiling, Property Maintenance, Survey Works and General Carpentry like partitions, dry walling and shop fitting. 
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How is a house sold ? In life this usually becomes a very important question to many people. We all know how to sell say house hold property like old sofas, gadgets like cell phones, laptops etc. You can ask your friends where they sold theirs this is very easy because people do it on a daily basis. However, this is not the case with a house or those assets that are classified as immovable property ( e.g a piece of land, shop, flat, factory etc ) simply because no one sell their house every day. Yet in life the need to sell a house or any form of immovable property can suddenly become urgent. The pressing circumstances vary. Sometimes its because of a lucrative opportunity you must capitalize as soon as possible. Maybe its an acrimonious divorce were you need the money to start afresh. For others it’s a deceased estate and there are many beneficiaries anxious for their own piece of the cake. Yet to others its because of ambition detecting that one goes through advanced academic studies and payment of whatever tuition fees required. So to all these people the million dollar question becomes How  is a house sold ? or How is immovable property sold? More ...



Just one wealth client can be good enough to provide business that constitute a greater percentage of your income. This may mean repeat business that can support your enterprise for years because these individuals have the money that does so. It can also mean lucrative capital profits for sellers or large commissions to estate agents when they purchase high value real estate in affluent locations like Borrowdale in Harare. Some are tenants who have the capacity to pay monthly rent of at least US$1 000.00 exclusive of City Council rates without fail. This rent will mean a handsome commission of US$150.00 per month for property managers that will also come without fail. But these people will not just give you this great business for nothing because they have their own special needs that must be met by you and a sane real estate player will do everything reasonable to win or return this valuable class. One need that virtually all of them want to be met by the property is security. This makes sense because these individuals have very valuable assets like jewellery, sports cars and merchandise about whose security they lose sleep. So if your property has security amongst its features then I guess you would have acquired for yourself a license to print money for a while. More ...


Usually property fraudsters are people with extensive involvement in the selling of houses or real estate for criminal purposes. If you are a layperson selling his or her property chances are high that you are already beaten by these people's schemes from the word go. This article endeavors to help you by giving some tips based on age old practice that lawyers have effectively implemented, safeguarding sale proceeds even in the face of these hungry predators. More ...


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