The rich demand security for their valuable assets.
Burglar in action

Just one wealth tenant in Harare can be good enough to be a source of lucrative rentals that constitute a greater percentage of your income. This may mean repeat business that can support your enterprise for years because these individuals have the money that does so. It can also mean lucrative capital profits for sellers or large commissions to estate agents when they purchase high value real estate in affluent locations like Borrowdale in Harare. Some are tenants who have the capacity to pay monthly rent of at least US$1 000.00 exclusive of City Council rates without fail. This rent will mean a handsome commission of US$150.00 per month for property managers that will also come without fail. But these people will not just give you this great business for nothing because they have their own special needs that must be met by you and a sane real estate player will do everything reasonable to win or return this valuable class. One need that virtually all of them want to be met by the property is security. This makes sense because these individuals have very valuable assets like jewellery, sports cars and merchandise about whose security they lose sleep. So if your property has security amongst its features then I guess you would have acquired for yourself a license to print money for a while. 

Burglar alarms

Just as you have shopped around for rhinoset prices in Harare you should also do the same for security systems because they also are a good value adding component to property. One such system is burglar alarms.

Burglar alarm system
This is technology built basically on the concept of the flow of electricity in a closed circuit and is used on the perimeter of property or possible points of entry like doors and windows a burglar may use. These alarms are basically divided into two types namely open-circuit system and closed-circuit system.
In a closed-circuit system, the electric circuit is completed when the door is shut and if anyone opens the door the circuit is broken and the alarm is triggered. In an open-circuit system, opening the door closes the circuit, and the alarm is triggered. So for the later an alarm is triggered when the circuit is completed. As noted burglar alarms are for the perimeter of property therefore, there is a need for another layer of security focused on the interior  because if a burglar manages to breach the alarms and once he is within the interior he can no longer be detected by a perimeter alarm system. This point leads us to motion detectors.

Motion detectors
There are about three types of motion detectors designed to detect the presence of a burglar within the interior of the property. These are radar based motion detector, photo-sensor motion detector and passive infrared motion detector.

Radar based motion detector. This system sends ultrasonic sound waves towards the targeted area and wait  for this energy to bounce back in the same pattern. If there is anyone in that area the bouncing back pattern is disturbed and the sensors sends an alarm signal.
Photo-sensor detector. This system involves aiming a laser beam at a light sensor across the targeted area ( property interior) . When any one walks between the light source and the light sensor the path of the beam is blocked and the sensor will immediately sends an alarm signal.
Passive infrared detector. This system detects the rapid increase in infrared energy namely that energy emitted by the burglars body heat when he walks into the targeted area. Once its sensors detects this phenomenon  they without delay send an alarm signal. These systems are also designed to ignore the presence of pets in the targeted area.

Security System Advancement -  ICT  Integration
The above security systems have been advanced through integration of SMS capabilities for the rich customers. Those that are equipped with GSM are able to communicate remotely to property owners or tenants when the alarm is triggered. To this end property owners have two more ICT communication options namely  telephone and broadband.

Article courtesy of Elizabeth Chikova a security systems consultant. Security systems deployed differ with circumstance contact Elizabeth for solutions relevant to you. Her range of security products also include Fire and Burglar Alarms, CCTVs, Light Sensors, Security Cameras, Intercoms, Biometric Access Control Technology, Electric Gates, Boom Gates, RFID Gates, Time and Attendance System, Mechanical Vehicle and Automatic Barriers, Razor Wire and Electric Fence .


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