Ecocash Save a mobile application and bank account that promotes a saving culture through offering interest amongst other advantages is a good thing for mortgage finance. This app uses basic technology that is compatible with every handset thereby allowing its conveniences to benefit all and sundry. This ubiquitous nature  can be leveraged upon to creat a great pool of funds from which financial products like mortgage loans can be established.

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GOOD HOPE, WESTGATE, A NEW AND MASSIVE 4 BEDS, with mes, roof under tiles, lovely exterior finish, septic tank on 2160sqm, title deeds, for $109 000.00 only. Also has kitchen, scullery, pantry, dining, lounge x2, reception hall, double lock up garage and plenty of tape water. What remains to be done is negligible. Call Cain 0772 997 229

 Saving money has much to do with human thinking and behaviour so its a culture that should be cultivated and promoted. Need-centered initiatives must be established by stakeholders so that the public knows that there is something for them in saving money. The perception that banks " spin " people's money in order to enrich themselves with great profits and yet no part of this accrue in favour of the depositor by way of interest is bad for saving. The people have a legitimate reason to demand a piece of the cake because financiers charges for the depositors money they lend to borrowers.
I belive Ecocash Save is a game changer - a killer app! Why ? Because the first step in having a need-centered financial product is offering interest to depositors. With the prevailing cash squeeze many players can argue that this is a challenge but yet that challenge emanates from the cut and paste business models that are used. With the advent of technologically enhanced ones many players who are still blinkered by a traditional mindset may soon find it difficult to compete.



How do you sell a property in a moneyless or illiquid market ? This is the million dollar question in the minds of those who want cash for their investments. But how can you possibly do it? In the past five years of my real estate career I have discovered an answer and that answer is the needs-focused marketing strategy. This strategy works because the liquidity problem creats serious competition as market players wrestle for the little cash available, so in order to survive this struggle one should be as competitive as possible through sharpening the needs-focused strategy. I will define this strategy later but for now I shall start with simple but important basics you should know first


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