Nelson  Mandela
As the death of Nelson Mandela a liberation icon was met with dance and music as some did this as a memorial of his landmark accomplishments I however believe we should approach his achievements with minimum celebrations. An assessment of the level of human development in southern Africa in light of the standards that Nelson Mandela championed shows that a lot still needs to be done. If we are to talk about the end of apartheid, yes we were freed but if we are to talk about economic upliftment of the masses, then its not yet uhuru!
To me emancipation isn’t just political but its one that is inclusive of  other factors like economic and social upliftment. Over and above political rights the masses needs  access to resources. Taking real estate as an example one can clearly see that we are still far from uhuru. There is a serious need for deliberate efforts to address the devastating effects of the liquidity crunch on the masses’ financial capabilities to purchase properties. Amongst these unemployment is highest, they neither save nor have credit worthiness that enables access to mortgage finance. They are victims of fraudulent housing programs that leverage upon their financial disability through offering cheap deals that are below market values.

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Most properties that are in the market are too expensive for many. These are private sales that do not have concessionary payment terms to cater for the poor. Ordinarily, it’s the primary responsibility of the government  to cater for  these but also of the entrepreneurial mind because the monies that the masses have as a pool of funds represents a significant market. This is just a sample of the problems that the majority face today and these emanated from racial policies of yesterday’s colonial regimes from whom we were politically liberated.
Colonialism  invented segregation by operating a dual economic system that was designed to ensure that most of the resources are owned by a few. An example of this policy is that blacks were taken as aliens in towns so they could not own any property but were tenants. In rural areas where they were told  they belonged there wasn’t any meaningful housing programs that were implemented. The dual economic system ensured that the minority had access to resources ( e.g mortgage finance ) and owned them (e.g title deeds) whilst the majority was impoverished . Indeed, this is the primary reason why today Borrowdale and other low density areas are two thirds of Harare but are owned by a third of the population when two thirds  own just a third of the capital city.
The major reason why many do not afford even a 200sqm stand is because there are inequalities  in the current distribution of wealth and this is reminiscent of colonialism. Nelson Mandela is a great brand for emancipation however we are still far away from achieving the great standards that this name represents. Its not yet uhuru !



How do you sell a property in a moneyless or illiquid market ? This is the million dollar question in the minds of those who want cash for their investments. But how can you possibly do it? In the past five years of my real estate career I have discovered an answer and that answer is the needs-focused marketing strategy. This strategy works because the liquidity problem creats serious competition as market players wrestle for the little cash available, so in order to survive this struggle one should be as competitive as possible through sharpening the needs-focused strategy. I will define this strategy later but for now I shall start with simple but important basics you should know first.


  1. Dear Cain;
    Thank you for this article an elaborate mix of Real Estate marketing and misinformation about the true South African situation and the wherewithal of what I like to call the "Mandela Effect". Before I delve any further into this phenom, I will make clear that I am neither a big fan of Nelson Mandela nor am I a supporter of Black Nationalism as defined by African Liberationalists (ie Mugabe), even though I myself am of Black African descent. My reasoning flows from an in depth understanding of World History as defined by Religion, Science & modernity. Black South Africans after Mandela have had a HOLIDAY of a Lifetime, as many Black Zimbabweans who have moved to South Africa in their masses have discovered. A democracy with strong Finance, vibrant infrastructure, strong institutions driven by opius levels of liquidity, might I add all inclusive regardless of race (circa 1999). Since 1779, the Americans (who at the time were primarily poor marginalized European patriarchs) "created" a system that would change theirs & many subsequent Generations lives for ever. At the time of writing the US currency was still the sole Reserve currency in the World issued by Americans for the rest of the World.

  2. (CONTINUED)........... Zimbabweans who I will use the poster child for Black Nationalism have failed time & time again to fully appreciate this phenonmen, I for one thank God that ntate Nelson Mandela did, to whom and for such I give much credit. This led the late Statesman to making decisions that would ensue amazing opportunities for any Black South African as though he/she won a lottery by virtue of his/her Citizenship. Mandela saw what many African statesmen still are blinded to, that Ownership in and of itself its defined by its nature of evolution. While Mugabe thinks a Letter of Appointment by the State to a Black farmer to use what is now State Land as "ownership", Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet might rubbish that by contending that a share certificate of equity in a plane leasing Company (ie Execujet) is true ownership. If we compare the notions of both men, I would for obvious reasons side with the businessman/investor, who made his money from actually running & presiding over accountable firms, rather than the much older Mugabe, who made his money from extorting & stealing from the real pockets of his own people. Mandela having studied many treaties and articles of law would have recognized that true Ownership of anything lies in the "perception of the said asset by potential buyers". Which explains why Zimbabwe's un-extracted Gold Reserves will go un-or under exploited for many more years to come, while those who have abundant Capital would chose to "own South African Bonds instead" (which are by their nature IOUs issued the SA state. The World can live without the 14tons of Gold and/or 14 tons of Platinum produced in Zimbabwe (2013), but Zimbabweans cannot live without the multitudes of "paper currency (IOUs or USDs) printed & issued by the US Federal Reserve system, Nelson Mandela obviously knew this better than most Black leaders. Today Zimbabwe's Real Estate is way over-valued & barely driven by fundamentals, rather by speculation that cannot sustain. Nelson Mandela was a bright fellow who saw that Blacks can only make any sort headway, the day that they learn to sit with others, Study (fully) & know that "all Men" come from one Father whom is Abraham, and that Assets are just a creation of the minds of such sons and daughters of this Great Father Abraham. If Black Zimbabweans can claim Zimbabwe as theirs, then that means the Congolese can also lay claim to the same land & above all the Jews too will have precedent in terms of claims over all these lands. My assumption is that not all of your readers believe in the Holy Scriptures, which is why I will say this: Black people need to recognize that today we sit with a Gold Market that is valued at over $20Trillion, a Commodities Trading Market including OTC Market of over $400T in notional value, by Contrast Africa has almost 1billion people producing a meagre combined income of just under $1Trillion in USD. Who would you believe if you were Mandela? I would say follow the Money, because the rains fall on ALL MEN regardless of political affiliation, race, nationality, color or creed. Happy Investing All & God Bless!!!

    1. This article do acknowledge that what Nelson Mandela achieved as an apartheid hero was monumental. But laments upon the fact that after 20yrs of independence many South Africans who were disadvantaged by apartheid are still in the same demeaning circumstances they had under oppression. According to by 2009 there were still 200 000 bucket toilets in use in municipalities around South Africa and " failure to deliver basic services has been government's Achilles heel in the past few years, resulting in wide spread protests and violence." This is not misinformation but fact. Its not yet uhuru!


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