Burj Al Arab - 7 Star Luxury
This festive season make use of one or two tips on hospitality from the leading hotels and your home can be more welcoming to guests and loved ones. I don't know your choice of what are leading hotels but as for me I present to you the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. With a unique seven star reputation that demanded more than $1 billion in construction costs and today asks for more than $14 000 per suit per night surely this  luxurious masterpiece can give us worthwhile tips on hospitality.

First impressions are lasting impressions ! So quickly fix what guests will see immediately. The reception hall or the main entrance is one such area that needs attention in this respect. A lovely piece of art, a mirror, some beautiful flowers can help to do the trick. If there is a bench or chair add pillows or cushions so that guests will feel comfortable as they wait to be ushered into the lounge.

Burj's Aquarium
In the Burj Al Arab as guests enter their attention is immediately taken away by a huge glass wall of the hotel's aquarium in which there are such famous marine species like the shark and octopus.

Stop apologizing as soon as your guests walk into the door. There may be one or two things amiss or forgotten but don't dampen their spirits with this kind of behavior. Take it one step at a time. You will apologize when its necessary but sometimes you may not need to apologize at all. At leading hotels like the Burj Al Arab the hotel employees' smiles always oozes confidence over the kind of service they are just about to offer you.

Soothing music being piped through out the home makes the guests relax and feel at home. It permeates through their body and always culm the nerves. For me such old gospel classics like When I Get To The End Of The Way will do just fine.

At leading hotels the role of music is indispensable because music can be hypnotic. It can by-pass the conscience, goes straight to the memory and the whole event is unforgettable!

Chair Arrangements in the Burj
Arrange chairs so that guests will gather around and face each other instead of the TV. This cultivates intimate conversations, family spirit and togetherness. At leading hotels guests focus on each other as the picture in the Burj Al Arab shows.

A Sail Blowing In The Wind - The Burj Al Arab
You may be wondering what shape is the Burj Al Arab? The Burj Al Arab is a sail blowing in the wind. This has a deep meaning for the people of Dubai - a sea ferrying nation. This makes the Burj Al Arab unique and guests are filled with admiration.

Those who intend to build or renovate their own homes should use an architectural concept that tells their unique story. Don't cut and paste other people's stories but tell your own story. Your guests where ever they would go would always remember their special experience in your home simply because its architectural character tells a story that is different.


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