The Dead Man Tells No Tales

The Dead Man
When a person dies how his property should be distributed in favour of the living is a process that is supervised by the court a legally recognized neutral player. On many funerals some relatives are oftenly heard claiming how the deceased secretly told them about who would benefit from what in the deceased's estate. Unfortunately the deceased would not be there for verification of facts because dead man tells no tales. So in light of this the selling of immovable property belonging to a deceased estate but without a relevant consent from the courts is a serious offense that can land someone in prison.


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If you intend to register a deceased estate here is information about where you should first go.I have focused on a case in which the deceased was married.
1. If the deceased was married under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11, the estate has to be registered at the High Court.
2.If the deceased was married under the Customery Marriages Act Chapter 5:07 or was in unregistered customery law union, the estate has to be registered at the Magistrate Court.

Who can benefit from the estate ?
1.Surviving spouses and children.
2.If there are no surviving spouse and children, the deceased's parents, brothers and sisters will be the beneficiaries.


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