Do you trust CAIN NDHLOVU ?

Do you trust Cain Ndhlovu ? Trust is indispensible for any relationship – romantic, commercial, spiritual etc . As a property consultant involved with million dollar worth of property in which people invest through their sweat I have endeavored therefore, to help you find a reason to trust me. I have therefore, created a website or blog, a facebook page, linkedin and twitter profiles and these allow you to know more about what I do and how I do it.

My Facebook page –

Facebook is the world’s number one social network site. It is the best place to share your story with others. So what Facebook is, is in line with what I also enjoy doing – which is sharing the story of what I do. Selling property  is an adventure because you do not find a path to walk on readily prepared for you but you have to create one yourself. Just much like what the likes of David Livingstone went through when he “discovered”(or came across) the Victoria Falls.  So this is a story about guts, hard work and innovation. And I really enjoy telling this kind of story. Using the latest story telling technological tools like facebook makes the whole experience even more exciting.

This website is the landing page for all my on line activities it is central and allows co ordination. Property Matters News features articles on real estate and related areas like property fraud. One of the most popular posts is when I compared investing in real estate to gold. This blog helps with information to those who want to be informed investors because what I write is a product of seven years of experience in the property sector. I prefer to write what I see happening on the ground rather than theories about which everyone have their own. I welcome guest writers who write about relevant fields like  interior deco , mortgage finance, land law, local governance, construction, etc because these other contributions  brings about diversity.





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