Adolf Hitler fought for land in the II World War

A well known saying goes “ Buy land they have stopped making it !”. This statement means that land is a finite resource. We do not have a place somewhere where more land is being produced in addition to that we have. So it is because of this reason that with an increasing population that compete for this finite resource land’s value always increases anywhere in the world. In fact all of the world’s major wars are because of land. The reason why Adolf Hitler evaded Russia during the II World War is because he wanted Russian land so that he populate it with Germans whom he believed were more worthy.

After a decade of economic subsidence Zimbabwe’s 13.4million population is in desperate need for serviced urban land. In its 2014 Labour Force Survey, ZimStat says 72% of urban households do not own their home. The emergence of street vendors and mushrooming of housing cooperatives across the urban landscape is evidence for this tenureship survey . There is an explosive demand for serviced land and he who can supply it at affordable prices would have acquired a license to print money for some time.

Some people believe that because of liquidity problems in the economy property investing is not a good idea. The opposite is however true. The property market is receiving an unprecedented credit support from financiers of all types.  For example pension funds like Communications and Allied Industries that caters for employees in telecom companies like NetOne are renowned for releasing thousands of dollars on a regular basis into the market. This is over and above the contribution of common players like CABS and FBC. Support for the land market will always be there because remember the need for land is a physiological one (according to Maslow).  This means land is indispensible in our lives. It’s a resource we a can not do without!


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