“I built my house on a wrong stand,” is a statement that expresses a reality of investing in real estate. Its possible that in the excitement of purchasing a stand you can by mistake build the dream house on a wrong piece of land usually an adjacent stand. If this happens my question is what do you do to rectify this problem. Well as a property consultant I will give some legal remedies that can be applied to help you out.

One of the ways forward is to swap these stands and a conveyancer is approached to create a deed of rectification. A deed of rectification is meant to legally swap ownership so that you own the stand you by mistake built on and the owner of this stand owns yours.


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But obviously this move is subject to an agreement between the two parties. There is a high possibility of conflict  especially when your stand doesn’t  meet your partner’s needs in terms of things like size, soil type etc. Conflict can also come about when your partner suspect foul play.  Humility on your part is therefore, greatly needed in order to show the other party that what happened was just a mistake so that the deed of rectification can eventually materialize.


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