ZIMBABWEANS enjoy calling the US $ the Obamas.

Faced with the reality that a financier can’t have the confidence of financing a small enterprise when the owner lacks the guts to do so himself many entrepreneurs usually decide to liquidate own investments and sponsor themselves. Those who liquidate immovable property enjoys some benefits like that of security in real terms.



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Security in real terms means that the capital value of immovable property rises over time and keeps pace with inflation. This therefore, means an SME owner who is liquidating his real estate will have cash amounts that are in line with the inflation rates of the day thereby, increasing  his  ability to satisfy the financial obligations of that point in time. Real estate or immovable property can keep pace with inflation because of the fact that whilst the increase in human population (the demand side) is infinite the available land (the supply side) is finite. Hence it is said, “ buy land they have stopped making it !”

Other benefits that are enjoyed by SME owners who are liquidating real estate in order to finance business are the ease associated with selling property and the ability to subdivide your investment so that you sell a piece of it instead of the entire property. I will however, explain these next week but for now I invite your comments and compliments, criticism and views on issues already raised. This also will help me in the writing of SME CAPITAL! IMMOVABLE PROPERTY IS  A GOOD SOURCE 2 .



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