Real estate is the best investment of all times and it will forever be. Not shares, bonds or some other financial assets because these depend on real assets which is real estate. The creator God gave man real estate as a birth right when he freely gave dominion over the earth and the seas (Genesis 1:28) . I therefore, believe if real estate is not one of your important investment goals then something is very very wrong with your plans. Crazy people like Trump knows this and have made billions out of it. One thing good about crazy people is that when they know a truth they become crazy about it also !


As economic hardships continue to hit ordinary people in my home country Zimbabwe and elsewhere across the globe real estate begin to seem like a far-fetched goal. But I say never, it should never be because it’s the only form of real security there is. Others in the financial arena always come with volatile price fluctuations that can cause you a heart attack. Real estate is the true social security benefit for old pensioners. If your pension fund invest your life’s savings in state of art shopping malls so that it gives you crumbs at your old age then why don’t you take over and invest in real estate on your own so that you reward yourself with vanilla cream at your old age.  After all considering how you toil this is what you deserve!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have a clear real estate goal and begin making meaningful savings towards it today. The small pieces you set aside regularly accumulates to become something great overtime. This is what I have learnt from an anthill. Ants aren’t  great creatures in stature but they have definitely very clear goals of what is important to them and they make small but meaningful regular contributions towards it. As a result an anthill which they inevitably build is greatly esteemed across human cultures. 

As a property consultant I can give you a real estate goal if you are struggling to identify one. In Harare there is a medium density suburb called Mainway Meadows. Have you ever been there? Ok, fine if you have never been there you can travel to that place one of these weekends. Mainway Meadows and other similar medium density suburbs are where most of the demand is focused on at the moment in Zimbabwe. The demand is both for purchase and rent. Why? You see these places offer a certain amount of prestige entwined with affordability that is acceptable to those who are downgrading from low densities like Borrowdale and those who are upgrading from high density areas like Budiriro. Mainway Meadows kind of medium densities don’t have all the prestige but that which they have is an acceptable offer to the two aforementioned classes of people. Also note that the two classes have no choice but to go there because of economic hardships. So what is the goal here? Buy a property there! How much ? Stands $22 000.00 each , houses $80 000.00 each.  What ?

I assume that this is what some have just said. I want to give you a reason why you should buy a property there. The reason is that there is no substitute for the best. I know some have high density stands, houses else where that’s good but that’s not the best. Iam talking about the best here. Do you want the best? If your answer is yes then go for medium densities they are the best. Demand for such real estate is always good. Talk about rental income, capital gains – in fact the ingredients that make real estate great are always available there most of the times . Its an ever green Oasis. My reasoning is that its better to for a while, forego many things when you will get the best at the end! The problem with some of my country man is that they want “cheap” things especially originating from Asia ( if they are consumer goods) but remember that there is a reason why cheap things are cheap. A saying goes like, there is nothing cheap on earth except  for crumbs on a mouse trap. Unfortunately, this cheap things investing notion is what they use in real estate no wonder why many are members in some housing cooperatives where they pay $20 as monthly instalments. If the best is the best then you will not get it without corresponding sacrifice. My friend the best is always worthy sacrificing for! Don’t be out done by ants! Remember you must clearly identify your goal and begin today to make meaningful contributions towards it. It will take some time but guess what- you will make it! Vanilla cream or crumbs, what do you choose?


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