Friday, 24 February 2017


Build your house and maintain its value.
Many house builders who build for renting out are a stressed lot due to their involvement in the day to day headaches related to property management. Their mastery of the physical aspects of house building which I call the hardware part is not reproduced in the property management aspect which I call the software part. Many houses which are beautiful pieces of art on the urban landscape are ironically sources of psychological strain for owners who oftenly are unequipped to cope with the challenges associated with letting a house to tenants. Rent and rates defaults, broken window panes and lawsuits are part of the downside of letting your house. Property management which comes as a full time engagement is therefore aimed at minimizing these bad things so that the landlord can maximize on the great advantages of real estate investment. In computing terminology software means the how to part of using a PC which is the hardware and hardware without software is useless because one cant do without the other. Here are 5 tips on how you can minimize the problems that can arise when you rent out your house. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

4 Factors That Can Make A Real Estate App A Million Dollar Enterprise

App developers must tailor-make their solutions.

In my nine years as a property consultant involved in the selling and letting of immovable property or real estate I have witnessed the emergency of various ITC applications meant to market real estate. I have been an account holding client of all these major websites for years and my hands-on experience with all that they offer and in real estate has given me valuable insight about real estate focused applications and I would like to share it with you. Of late they have worked hard to improve the quality of user experience by working on aesthetics and search capabilities. For example on search capabilities they introduced predictive text that suggest names of places as the person types in a convenience just like that offered by Google. But satisfying the needs of home seekers profitably demands more than pretty graphics and generic solutions that can be cut and paste from the internet. Home seekers demand tailor-made solutions that gives answers to problems they are facing on the ground as they do property search in the Zimbabwean market. I will therefore suggest areas that ICT entrepreneurs must work on in order for their applications to become million dollar enterprises despite the current economic subsidence.