Friday, 16 January 2015

Street Kids, Vagabonds - Casualties Of An Economic Crisis

A STREET KID WHO GATE CRUSHED a recent wedding ceremony.
As you walk in Harare CBD some of its pavements smells human waste and in some cases you have to mind your step because you can step on it.I once helplessly witnessed this one day as pedestrians haste in the early morning rush hour could step or almost step on human waste deposited in their path. This behaviour which is a threat to public health in this era of cholera (and ebola)  is due to an increasing population of street kids, adults and vagabonds who have taken Harare's streets and service lanes as their new residents. This phenomenon is rapidly unfolding and its clearly an off shoot of the greater economic crisis that has haunted Zimbabwe for decades.These vagabonds and many other citizens who are affected in many ways are casualties of an economic crisis that is having a major impact on the well being of people.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A REAL Roof Above The Head ! What Are Your Plans For 2015 ?

Despite the very best of your efforts 2014 came to an end without a real roof above your head. What this means is that you are not yet a land lord as you have aspired for in many years. Psychologist on the other hand have put forward more reasons for you to hate your current situation of being a tenant because their authoritative research has shown that relocations stresses children ! Therefore, what feasible  plans are there for 2015 so that this year also will not turn out to be another year in which your vision never translate into a real home. Here are some worthwhile characteristics of planning which can be a game changer for your home owning aspirations in 2015;