A REAL Roof Above The Head ! What Are Your Plans For 2015 ?

Despite the very best of your efforts 2014 came to an end without a real roof above your head. What this means is that you are not yet a land lord as you have aspired for in many years. Psychologist on the other hand have put forward more reasons for you to hate your current situation of being a tenant because their authoritative research has shown that relocations stresses children ! Therefore, what feasible  plans are there for 2015 so that this year also will not turn out to be another year in which your vision never translate into a real home. Here are some worthwhile characteristics of planning which can be a game changer for your home owning aspirations in 2015;


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Planning means forecasting as it always deals with the future.
Assumptions are to be made regarding future happenings; failure of which there can not be planning. Without the quality of futurity, no plan can work and it has little value as a basis of action.

Planning  is closely linked to your objectives.
It shows in advance a definite purpose and goals to reach.

Planning involves selection of particular courses of action and, the rejection of some alternatives.
Every  problem has more than one solution. Each alternative must be given thorough and detailed examination, so that the process of evaluation could lead to the selection of the most advantageous course of action.

Planning has to be flexible so that it could be adjusted without difficulty as changing conditions demand.
Also, it needs to be sufficiently broad - based to permit such adjustments.

Planning is a continuous process. It is a never ending activity.
 What was a planned yesterday becomes today's operational work, and what is to be executed tomorrow has to be planned today. Moreover there are plans that may have to be abandoned in favour of a new plan. Therefore, there should be a regular procedure for periodical check up and review of results.

Plans should be comprehensive and yet as simple as possible.
They should adequately cover all actions required for the satisfactory fulfillment of the objectives.

And last but not least remember failing to plan is planning to fail ! 


                                                WISH YOU A PROSPEROUS 2015!


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