One of the most critical decisions you can ever make in life is to buy or sell immovable property. For buyers the usual motivator is the basic physiological need for shelter. There are many other motivators but whatever they are the underlying factor is when undertaking real estate deals you need a property broker who will not short-change you and give you a regrettable deal.

Some people may never want to hear anything about estate agents because they have been victimized or probably know of a close friend who was victimized by purported agents. This fear though justifiable can however overshadow the positive role that is played by professional brokers. There is also a risk that emanates from venturing without guidance into an area that have many technicalities. When many pitfalls in the form of technicalities lie along the way, getting expert help can show the real meaning of saving money.

The performance of an expert worth his salt should be so satisfying such that terms like value added service and return on investment are given a clearer definition. Sometimes in real estate return on investment cannot be digitally calculated. How can you calculate it on a property you are using with your family? But sometimes when you purchase a dream house you gain psychological contentment and this state of mind is your
return on investment. It is worthwhile indeed!

So what is property brokerage? This is the selling of real estate on behalf of someone. In order to be powerful a broker receives specialized training in personal selling, negotiating, economics, building construction, and land law to mention only five. In addition to this the broker should have an excellence-driven
attitude. And of all this dedication to clients is the icing on the cake. Armed with these skills the agent becomes your knight in shining amour so that you never walk alone. So lets see how one of the aforementioned skills can translate into value for money to you. Lets talk about negotiating.

When selling real estate without proper negotiating skills one can easily burn his fingers. This is because when it comes to large sums of money as those involved in real estate people become shrewd. Usually buyers are the most shrewd because negotiating down any kind of expenditure is the first line of defence for the bottom line.

In the market many negotiating tactics are unleashed. Here are a few names; red herring, small bites, false impasse, false nonverbal, time pressure e.t.c. Lack of competence is therefore, not an option because you can easily be cornered by the other party . The aim of this is only one - that you make costly concessions that are to your detriment. So what does a broker do to avoid this? He is therefore, trained to counter these tactics, avoid concessions and save money. In real estate this money translate to thousands of dollars. So I am convince that an agent is a partner for success. No wonder why during initial contacts with a client agents try to get as much information about what he wants as possible. This enable the agent to refocus and align himself along the needs of the client. This is the creation of a relationship that do not start only when money is at stake. This can start even now by way of general inquiries.

A Chinese general Sun Tzu in the book The Art of War wrote, “ So it is said that great warriors take their stand on ground where they cannot lose. Therefore a victorious army first wins and then seek battle; a defeated army first battles and then seek victory.” Sun Tzu is talking of the importance of preliminary planning here. Before you begin actively selling research on market trends, cultivate a relationship with your targeted agent, request documents like The Estate Agents Act. This kind of planning before the battle decides the out come.



How do you sell a property in a moneyless or illiquid market ? This is the million dollar question in the minds of those who want cash for their investments. But how can you possibly do it? In the past five years of my real estate career I have discovered an answer and that answer is the  needs-focused marketing strategy. This strategy works because the liquidity problem creats serious competition as market players wrestle for the little cash available, so in order to survive this struggle one should be as competitive as possible through sharpening the needs-focused strategy. I will define this strategy later but for now I shall start with simple but important basics you should know first. READ FULL POST HERE;