Home seekers have a dream. A dream of a place that they can call home because after a day’s hard work the environment is conducive for them to recuperate in peaceful rest. A place where their children’s dreams about being great in life can nestle. A place where all these great things happen because it has uncompromised installations of such critical things like sewer and water. A place where all these great things happen because there are schools, medical facilities in the vicinity plus security of persons and property.  In Harare one of the new residential developments in which this dream is being realized is the gated community called Aspindale Park in the south of the capital. This week this development caught my attention ahead of similar ones  because its being done at a bigger scale. I will therefore, take a look at some of this place’s amenities on and off site about which prospective home seekers may want to know.



Selling your house is a process about which DIY (do it yourself) doesn’t work. Many people tend to prefer the DIY way when doing various things in their lives. Probably, this is the reason why some manufacturers sell refrigerators with some parts like handles not installed but having some kind of inlets for the consumers to do it themselves. There can be many reasons why people prefer DIY. These ranges from the contentment that comes after one successfully achieves a personal task to the possibility of saving the hard earned money. Selling your house however, is something that you cannot achieve the DIY way because you compulsorily need help from other people who have trained to give special service to the complex process of selling immovable property. There are many reasons why this is so but here I will give three. More ...

Value appreciation of immovable property is one of the biggest motivators for investing in real estate. It means harvesting good profits through capital gains or higher rental income to property owners and more commission to estate agents.   A depreciation in value means the opposite – a   lose of equity, profit or commission. Value appreciation being this important therefore, techniques that allow investors to positively influence the perception of value in the eyes of the market are welcome. Here are three worthy of consideration and these are perimeter walling, landscaping and a paint finish called eggshell.More...

Usually property fraudsters are people with extensive involvement in the selling of houses or real estate for criminal purposes. If you are a layperson selling his or her property chances are high that you are already beaten by these people's schemes from the word go. This article endeavors to help you by giving some tips based on age old practice that lawyers have effectively implemented, safeguarding sale proceeds even in the face of these hungry predators. More ...


Sewer and water installations are indispensable to residential land development therefore, they should be done wholeheartedly by the developer. Wholeheartedly means using the required expertise and materials in order to avoid blockages. For sewer a blockage has a more serious health hazard as human waste can flow in open places where people especially the vulnerable children are. So it is very important that a developer should install the sanitary systems following the highest standards available.  At Aspindale park sewer and water are installed and this comes as fresh air considering that elsewhere home seekers are being made to use septic tanks on 300sqm where such usage is unhygienic. As you might have heard sceptic tanks do have seapage so they should be surrounded by enough free space so that the waste do not contaminate other things and trigger cholera. Unfortunately some desperate home seekers do not only have a septic tank on the 300sqm but also a well for fresh water.


The entire park is being enclosed within a perimeter fence a facility that brings about security and improves the perception of value within both the rental and house sales market. Criminals usually target new suburbs because the residents would be new to each other and lack social cohesion. A pre-installed security fence is a pre-emptive strike on criminal syndicates that make raids on new comers. Security for the facility is also boosted by its proximity to the Zimbabwe Republic Police Marimba. The police station is one of the off-site amenities that appealed to me. I will at this juncture take a look at two others that home seekers may also want to know about.


This school is over 100years old and it has Cambridge Assessment International Education which often gives students admission to the world’s best Universities in US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and beyond. Here are other important facts about Eaglesvale;

# Has both Junior and Senior School.
# Has both boarding and day school.
# It runs a fleet of 18 buses that transport students to and from school.


By Old Mutual the developers of Borrowdale Brooke Shopping Center the High Glen Shopping Mall is probably best known by residents of surrounding suburbs like Budiriro for its Primary Care Clinic run by Cimas. This clinic offer the following services.

# General Practitioner Consultation
# Nurse consultation
# HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC)
# Drug dispensing ; including haemodialysis and cancer drugs.
# Family planning methods i.e injectables, contraceptive pill, Jadelle.

High Glen Shopping Mall also has supermarkets, banks, pharmacies etc.

Amenities on and off site are influential in the valuation of price per square meter. This is why more established areas have higher values than less established ones because the former have more amenities. All stands at Aspindale  Park are on offer for $85 per square meter. There are also credit terms that can stretch to a period of 60 months.

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